Welcome! This is Simcity 4, Show your cities! On this wiki, you can show the world what incredible cities you've made! Rewards can be given for the city that is voted to be the most spectacular! There are several different categories to choose from! Like the most important award being the Best City of the Month Award! Get to it! Build a city that will have people wanting to have your city making skills!

Categories for NominationEdit


  • Cities must fit nomination description.
  • Cities must be placed in correct area on nomination page.
  • Cities can only be nominated no more than five times in a category.
  • Any City that violates rules more that once will not be allowed back into nomination.
  • Any rude, foul, or inappropriate language is not tolerated and can be reported by any user on the Report page. See the Comment Rules page for more information.
  • Cities that contain anything inappropriate will never be allowed back into nomination.
  • Read guildlines on the category pages before nominating.
  • Users must give a promoting description of their city if they are nominating.
  • Vandalism to other user's city nomination is not tolerated, and user can be terminated from the wiki.
  • Users can report anything that violates any rules.


See the Awards page for more info!